2017 November Foreword

An Inspirational Message


17 November 2017


From the Desk of Eugenio Michael Plana
Filii Sancti Dominici Philippinensis, Inc.
Quezon City, Philippines


Greetings of Brotherhood and Fraternal love to all my fellow brothers of Filii Sancti Dominici!

Many years have passed but the call still rings in our ears.  We can still remember when we heard and heeded the call. It was the sweetest music we ever sang and the deepest love we sheltered in our hearts – our vocation.  We all rose to meet the challenge, to answer the call, and to live the life that seeks the truth, hoping that with our fledgling faith we will grow in the Dominican sanctuary and He would fill us with His grace through the inspiration of our father St. Dominic, and with the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Today, though we fall short in pursuing our vocation in the Dominican Order, the spiritual landscape did not change as we unceasingly continue to tread in the path enlightened by the spirit that once has shone on us.  Although our paths now have crossed with that of another being sealing our fate in the secular life, the spirit enshrined in us will never waver and for the rest of our lives, we continue to honor Amang Santo Domingo, the Dominican Order of Preachers, and the Dominican Province of the Philippines.

Epistoliorum will become the new medium by which together we grow and nurture our objectives as Filii, and use it to preach our apostolic messages. While removed from the confines of the convent, we are now in a better position to evolve and arm ourselves with the tool to drive our mission with the launch of Epistoliorum.

Brothers, emboldened by the launch of Epistoliorum, let us remain steadfast in our faith to our Lord and Master, Mother Mary Our Lady, and Father St. Dominic.  We may no longer be the Dominican seminarians and religious aspirants that we once were when we started our journey, nevertheless, we continue to traverse through our Filii mission with the same Dominican spirituality ingrained in us.  Lahing Dominiko, laging Dominiko!

Utterly exuberant, I congratulate everyone in the launching of Epistoliorum!  May God bless us all!


Fraternally yours,

Fray Mike Plana
FSDPI Founder-President and Trustee

Eugenio Michael Plana
"Fray Mike" upon graduating from Sacred Heart Academy, Zarraga, Iloilo, entered the Dominican Postulancy in Manaoag, Pangasinan in 1976. He then joined his batch at the Dominican Novitiate in Villa Lizares, Jaro, Iloilo City. Outside the seminary, he majored in A.B. Political Science at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City. He worked as Special Assistant to the then Minister of Budget. Married to Jessica, they have four kids: Miguel Augusto, now a budding businessman, twin sons Michael Augustine and Michael Dominic, both university students at the Ateneo de Manila, and Regina Jessica, attending Miriam College Grade School. Mike’s special attachment to nature made him an agri-aqua farmer in Negros. He and his wife built a manufacturing business in natural care and cosmetics industry based in Quezon City. Fray Mike is also in pharmaceuticals and international trading, as well as in distribution of chemical ingredients which include partnerships with principals from Europe, Philippines and Asean markets. His family serve in the Lectors Ministry of Santa Maria Della Strada parish in Quezon City. Fray Mike is also the chair of the Parish Ubas (Anti Drug) Committee. With track record in agri-business, he is also active in supporting the farmers group and upholding their cause as NGO. In 2006, Mike co-founded FSDPI. To date, the Filii organization boasts over 300 members, with provincial chapters in Iloilo, Bicol, Davao, Cebu, and Northern Luzon in Philippines, and North America secretariats based in Houston, Texas and Toronto, Canada.

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