2017 November Cityscapes Features

Dateline Iloiloensis: From the Heart’s Abundance

Ex abundantia cordis emanent EPISTOLIORUM.”

From the abundance of the heart emanate the “Letters of the Sons” of St. Dominic.

From the bottom of our hearts, we the Filii of Iloilo welcome the maiden bow of  EPISTOLIORUM. We congratulate the Editorial Staff for hatching one brilliant idea, matching it with a fitting  title via a name-branding contest and finally dispatching it to see the light of day in its first issue.

Kudos to everyone to whom credit is due and may this Mongol-etched project prosper and fully serve its purposes as delineated in its rationale!


If blood were thicker than water, what would be thicker than blood?  Frater Filius Fray Rolando Medel, our resident philosophy professor, hit the nail right on its head.  After drawing first blood from the abundance of his heart, I squeezed out the perfect answer from him: BROTHERHOOD AMONG FILII.

“As blood is thicker than water, marital bond defies it” Fray Papang added, “but fraternal affiliation fortified by friendship surpasses both kinship or blood relationship and marital tie.  Kinship, which is usually preferred over all other relationships, is prevailed upon by marriage where a man or woman leaves his/her family to prioritize sealing a covenant with a stranger who becomes his/her spouse.” More elaboration on this topic as hopefully Fray Medel will tackle in his Medelianism treatise in the succeeding issues.


My first contribution to this project is to share with you a socio-philosophical essay written by a Dominican student-friar titled “Letter on the Sand”.  Set in the coco grove-covered, lovely Balulan beach in Manapla, Negros Occidental,  the Letter was addressed to a certain Rene, who had left the Coristado for one reason or another and could be anyone of us Filii.

Happy, deep reading!

Lydio Pedregosa
“Fray Lyd” joined the Dominican Apostolic School in 1969, then housed at the former Lizares Mansion and now Angelicum School of Iloilo, right after completing a one-year special Latin course at the regional St. Joseph Junior Seminary in Greenfields, Jaro, Iloilo City. He donned the habit of the Order of Preachers in 1970 as a novice at the Sto. Domingo Convent in Quezon City. He finished the three-year Bachelor of Philosophy course and a year of Sacred Theology at the UST Faculty of Ecclesiastical Studies in Manila. In April 1975, before his solemn profession as a full-fledged Dominican religious, Lyd took his ‘flight to freedom’ and bade adieu to his cloistered days. Ex clausura, he went home to Iloilo and graduated A.B. Pre-Law, major in Social Science, from the West Visayas State College and Master of Public Administration from the University of San Agustin. He also completed the Leadership and Management Development Program from the Ateneo Center of Continuing Education. Career-wise, he worked in the government civil service for 27 solid years in various capacities as farmer organizer, community development worker, public information/relations officer and eventually bank manager. In 2006, he availed himself of an early retirement incentive program from the Land Bank of the Philippines, where he last served as head of the regional Cooperative Development Assistance Center. After LBP, he had a streak of engagements with 7 private banks, hopscotching from department manager to AVP, VP and at one-time President/CEO positions. Presently, Lyd is a freelance consultant and part-time professor-trainer on a wide array of fields such as banking, financial management, marketing and sales, corporate social responsibility and good governance, community relations, and cooperative development. He is happily married to his “ex-girlfriend”, the former Miss Annie Villeta y Cabrera.

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