2017 November One More Thing

What you say matters

The maiden issue of Epistoliorum is finally served.  Like most ambrosial meals, it is only fitting to serve desserts after they are consumed, and it holds true for our first offering of Epistoliorum.  Experience always yields results and in the case of our readers who patiently, and hopefully leisurely, consume contents of this publication we would like to hear caveats.  Sharing with us your personal experience — your reaction, feedback, and perception — will enable us to take appropriate action, improve areas where we did poorly and adopt a measure to obliterate an aftertaste in your mouth, as may the case be.

Contents wise, our Editorial Calendar was pretty much complied with.  There were a few leads that we wanted to incorporate in the maiden issue but circumstances played unfavorably against them.  They will be added to our next issue.

We thought that more topical articles, such as current events, will add significant value and tip the scale towards an equitable reporting. A sufficient and balanced selection of informative news category and artistically-laden pieces will definitely draw interest and will set us steadily on an even keel as we cruise to our next issue. Inasmuch as we encourage participation and envisage a solid involvement from our Filii brothers, the level of engagement we received was satisfactory.  We hope that going forward, they will trump up their efforts in areas of their strength and embrace our collective position as one, in driving Epistoliorum to another height.

We agreed on soliciting for more articles from different regions in the Philippines and North America.  Our aim is to spread a well-balanced content across identified geographical locations where our readers reside.  Varieties will attract readers and wealth of choices will definitely stop them in their tracks.

The following are few of the items that will find their way into our next issue:

  • A true to life story featuring the ups and downs of an aspiring showbiz talent and how she managed to reach the plateau of her dreams.
  • There will be more business materials and advice in the money-talk category and technical tips that will aid you in dealing with your daily mundane existence in the world of technology.
  • Hands-on approach will be tackled in the Photography section.  For DSLR users, we will show you different shooting modes and techniques using aperture priority, shutter priority, programmed (automatic) and manual.
  • Travels are exciting!  On the next issue, Epistoliorum will take you to places you have not been before and we’ll mentally encapsulate your experience into a make-believe world, augmented by many alluring photos.

We will continue to provide you with materials that we think will be of interest to many.  Likewise, give you an avenue so you can share your experience and provide feedback through the commentary space provided after each article, or you can email us to let us know exactly what you think of Epistoliorum’s maiden issue.  The success of this publication depends on your honest opinion and feedback.  Bad or good, we want to hear it from you.

Our next issue will be a gradual maturation.  Your feedback will definitely propel us to a deeper sense of growth, not only in the choice of topics but likewise in our approach in subordinating our personal style in favor of the audience.  We want to engage and connect with you and forge a relationship that will be built on mutual regard.  Thank you for your input and we’ll see you next issue.

Ted Fullona
“Fray Ted” entered the Dominican seminary in 1973 at Peñafort Hall in Aquinas University of Legaspi (now UST-Aquinas). After completing the novitiate at Villa Lizares in Jaro, Iloilo, Ted majored in English at Letran (and cross-enrolled for journalism in Lyceum), where he served as reporter for The Lance, vice-president of the Letran Chorale, and president of the Humanities Literary Circle, up to the time of his departure from College and the seminary in 1978. Ted briefly worked for a stock brokerage firm in Manila before joining Saudi Aramco in 1981. While there, he managed the publication of the weekly Oasis Times. He married Mayette in 1982 and two years later was blessed with an unico hijo, Thomas John. The family immigrated to Canada in 1988 where he landed a job at Cadbury. The computer knowledge he acquired from Aramco made Ted indispensable as Technical Support Coordinator. In 1990, he augmented his credentials in the field of Computer Systems at Sheridan College. In 1993 he founded Cadbury’s in-house graphics department where he catalyzed and transformed several in-house graphics systems. As graphics manager, he led his team in developing and designing advertising and marketing collateral for a variety of Cadbury iconic brands. Ted’s tenure with Cadbury, and later became Mondelez Canada Inc., was capped at 27 years when he took advantage of an early retirement offer in 2017. Not wanting to be sidelined, he attended George Brown College for a Copywriting course. Ted is now managing his own design company, Artyoom Inc., contracting product catalogs design projects and writing brand style books for a number of brands.