2018 March

Running Into Easter

As little kids, we were more enamored by Christmas with its jolly air and countless gifts; we didn’t know yet then that there is still a more significant celebration and symbol that ought to take hold of us — and it isn’t the Easter Bunny, silly!

Perhaps one good thing that the rather gloomy, poignant and abstinence-ridden atmosphere of the Passion week offers us is the chance to look forward into the joy of Easter.  There’s something stirring and magnificent in the Exsultet proclamation and drama during the Resurrection vigil when the good news is finally revealed that death’s sting is finally overcome and darkness has given way to Light.

Christmas may have brought a Savior to dwell among us.  Easter offers us that opportunity to rediscover our belief that the Savior continues to live within us.  Among the gospel songs, the one that struck me most and one I truly ever like is the song of Mary Magdalene, widely thought to be the proto-evangelist of the Resurrection:


In my heart, I know my Savior lives; I can hear him calling tenderly my name. Over sin and death He has prevailed; in His glory, in His new life we partake.

I know He lives as He has promised.  For me He’s risen that from fear I may be free.  Not even death can separate me from Him whose love and might remain in me.


To close this issue of Epistoliorum, my co-editors and I wish to leave you with that longing for joy and the gift that only Easter could truly bring.  And if you ever meet that hoppy bunny, we sure hope you come running back towards the real symbol of Easter.

Joel Gabriel

"Fray Joel" entered the Dominican formation in 1990 straight out of high school. In 1993 he received the habit of the Order of Preachers while being admitted to the novitiate. He obtained his A.B. Philosophy degree in 1996 at the same time that he decided to take a leave from seminary life. In the secular world, he trained as a mainframe programmer with Citibank which started his career in Information Technology, and the rest as they say is history. Joel has been an IT practitioner all his professional life gaining experience and expertise with global companies such as Citibank Asia-Pacific, RCG-IT, IBM Solutions, Accenture and James-Martin/Headstrong. Based in the New York metro area since 2012, Joel is currently an IT Support Operations Manager with Genpact possessing over 15 years of success leading diverse technology projects within the Capital Markets and Financial Services industry and domain. Joel is happily married to Nancy Aquino-Gabriel.

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