2020 Q3

Filii North America President’s Corner

It’s both a great honor and a humbling experience to represent Filii North America.  Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, we have raised $2,390 for some of our brothers in the Philippines.

We’ve learned that about 12  have benefited from our generosity. The recipients were the most adversely affected by COVID-19.  Fray Mike Plana shared with us their heartfelt gratitude.

One of them has especially touched our hearts  and I quote it here,  “Salamat XXX sa paghatid ng “SAF” mula sa ating brothers in North America and Fray Mike. No words can fully express my joy and gratitude to you all. It is now that I feel true compassion and brotherhood…kasi you did not wait anymore na ako…kami…ang magsabi pa sa inyo…”

 “Kundi kayo na ang nag-emphatize at nalaman ninyo without being told by us that we badly needed help in these crisis times.  Diyos mabalos sa inyo…”,  he continued. 

Fray Mike Plana exerted indefatigable efforts in identifying our recipients and in distributing the monies contributed. We thank him for his invaluable help.  He even added to the pot monies from his own personal funds. 

We likewise acknowledge the awesome job of our Treasurer Fray Celso Paguntalan. Like a drillmaster, he acted spiritedly, enabling us to meet the deadline.

Above all, we thank all members of the Filii North America for their generosity.  You have made it happen. We are proud to be a part of you.

We congratulate Fray Earl Marasigan, the chairman of our Apostolate Committee for his inspiration in the choice of the beneficiary.  His idea instantly gained the support of Frays Alex, Nic, Ted, and finally, everyone.

We will be amiss in our gratitude if we failed to mention the behind the scenes contribution of our filiae.  They were instrumental in the success of both the fundraising project and our last reunion in Houston.

The Houston reunion was a tremendous success.  We applaud the effective leadership of Filii NA Past President Joan Dinopol.  We likewise acknowledge the immense support of Fray  Fr. Roger Estorque, Fray Earl Marasigan,  and Fray Melner Calvo, an adopted filius.

We thank Fray Mike Plana again for his unfailing support for our reunions and projects here in North America.  His enthusiasm and generosity are both legendary.  He is the heart and soul of the Filii.  

We also acknowledge the outstanding participation of our own “Amay” Fr. Rey Adalid, O.P.  He continues to bless us with his fatherly presence and loyalty.  His contribution to our lives as Filii is immeasurable. He’s been a blessing no doubt.

COVID-19 has affected our lives in ways we never imagined.  Those of us who are in the frontlines continue to risk our health and that of our loved ones.  It forced us to reconsider our individual plans both short term and long term.  It may even affect our 2021 Reunion.  

We celebrate the revival of Epistoliorum, thanks to the tireless efforts of Frays Joel and Ted and the undying support of Frays Jimmy, Mike, and the rest of our elders. With the tacit involvement  of our younger brothers, we can now look to its future with renewed confidence. 

Peter Nunez

"Fray Peter" heeded the call to the priesthood right after high school. Upon completion of his temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), he realized he had a different calling and so he ventured out into the world. At first, he made a lot of mistakes from which he learned. In 1992, he joined his wife Alicia in the U.S. They were blessed with two fine sons, Stephen and Michael and “adopted” two wonderful daughters Pau and Joni. From them, he has 4 grandchildren. He started his professional life in the U.S. as a part-time teller and after 6 years was promoted to Branch Manager of the Bank of New York in their two branches in New Jersey. He also joined the North Fork Bank as Branch Manager with the title of Assistant Vice-President. He was a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) which authorized him to sell various investment products. As a side hustle, Peter is working on his photography skills and has co-founded "The Traveling Chefs." Peter enjoys reading, writing, cooking, travel, golf, photography and triathlon.

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