Filii NA President’s Message

From The Desk of the Filii NA President, A warm greetings to all our brothers and sisters in Saint Dominic and to all our Epistoliorum readers.

In behalf of the Filii NA which we humbly represent, we congratulate the Editorial Board of Epistoliorum for another job well done. In spite of seemingly insurmountable odds primarily due to the pandemic, you have successfully delivered another outstanding issue of our Epistoliorum. In particular, we salute the courage and leadership of our talented Fray Ted Fullona for willingly assuming the responsibility of managing our newsletter.

We likewise acknowledge the continued support of Fray Joel Gabriel whose technical skills are responsible for the smooth operation of its website.  Fray Joel is also responsible for continually managing the cyber security aspect of Epistoliorum.

We also welcome the young members of the Editorial Board, fray Emmanuel John Pangan (aka fray Emman), and fray Carnilo Daculan (aka fray Khan), hailed from Nueva Ecija and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, respectively. The wider participation which we have been hoping for is now a reality and this makes us happy. In parting, your sister Alicia and I, in behalf of the Filii NA and our Filiae, would like to greet you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Peter Nunez

"Fray Peter" heeded the call to the priesthood right after high school. Upon completion of his temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), he realized he had a different calling and so he ventured out into the world. At first, he made a lot of mistakes from which he learned. In 1992, he joined his wife Alicia in the U.S. They were blessed with two fine sons, Stephen and Michael and “adopted” two wonderful daughters Pau and Joni. From them, he has 4 grandchildren. He started his professional life in the U.S. as a part-time teller and after 6 years was promoted to Branch Manager of the Bank of New York in their two branches in New Jersey. He also joined the North Fork Bank as Branch Manager with the title of Assistant Vice-President. He was a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) which authorized him to sell various investment products. As a side hustle, Peter is working on his photography skills and has co-founded "The Traveling Chefs." Peter enjoys reading, writing, cooking, travel, golf, photography and triathlon.

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