What’s In A Name? FSDPI.
Epistoliorum: Objectives
St. Dominic, Light of the Church
What’s In A Name?  FSDPI.

What’s In A Name? FSDPI.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” so did the Great Bard opine about this primordial question. Anyone hearing for the first time FSDPI’s formal corporate name would almost instantaneously inquire, “What in heaven’s good name do those words mean?” As with most words, the etymology of...
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Epistoliorum: Objectives

Epistoliorum: Objectives

Impregnated by many urging ideas and by a proverb that “pen is mightier than sword”, Epistoliorum was conceived and birthed, placed on a Filii cradle for nurturing where in no time it can grow into another form, assert itself, and assume its purpose in life – communicate. epĭs•to•liórum might strike...
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St. Dominic, Light of the Church

St. Dominic, Light of the Church

Domingo de Guzmán was born at Caleruega in Castile of Spain, possibly a year or two later than 1170, the traditional date. His father was lord of the manor in the village, and his mother was also from the local nobility. He studied at Palencia and then joined the Canons...
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About Epistoliorum

Epistoliorum, published quarterly, is the official publication of Filii Sancti Dominici Philippinensis International. The term, though based in Latin, is coined from the phrase “Epistolae Filiorum”, translated as “letters (or messages) of the sons”. Epistoliorum will contain ideas, facts, essays, insights, milestones, imageries, statistics, social, technological, business and religious trends and other informative details for the consumption of its captive audience. Epistoliorum operating under the Filii flagship is apolitical, designed to cater to diverse moods and appeal to many discriminating levels of intellect.


Filii Sancti Dominici Philippinensis International (FSDPI), or more affectionately the “Filii”, translates as: “the sons of Saint Dominic in the Philippines”. It is an organization of men, brothers in faith, who have undergone and received formal religious training in the Dominican life and Spirituality under the Dominican Province of the Philippines. We form a community of men who have willed to continue to profess, live and share, in the world of the laity, the apostolic vision and mission of our blessed father St. Dominic de Guzman whose patronage the “Filii” is entrusted under.

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Isaias “Jigs” Villaflores
Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Adalid, O.P.
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Rev. Fr. Virgilio Ojoy, O.P.
Product Development Peter Nuñez
Content and Creatives Ted Fullona
System Architect & Webmaster Joel Gabriel


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