2020 Q4 Inspiration Nook Pananaw

Meditating On Faith

Most people are afraid to talk about their faith in public.  Aside from political correctness, it is an invite to the endless and sometimes pointless debate.  But lately, the common ground especially among millennials, is not religion but spirituality.  The word evokes multifarious realities and somehow veers away from a perceived Catholic black-eye called dogma.  […]

2020 Q4 Features The Itinerant Travel Log

Harvey, Jane and Their Olde Carthage Farm: TWO VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE

In the course of their travels oftentimes, The Traveling Chefs meet special people. At few times however, their path comes across with very special ones. When they entered Olde Carthage Farm in Carthage, North Carolina last September, two incredibly special people touched their lives. They will cherish in their hearts its memory. While searching for […]

2020 Q4 Inspiration Nook Poetic License

Pinakamamahal Kong Pilipinas! Tinimbang Ka, Ngunit Kulang

Anak, ano ba ang gusto mong marinig? Di ba gusto mong gamutin kita? Lahat ng paghihilom nang anumang sugat ay nagsisimula sa pagiging totoo. MAGPAKATOTOO KA! Kailan ka pa natutong magmura? Kailan ka pa natutong mang-api ng kapwa mo? Itinuro ko ba sa iyong magnakaw ka? Mahal kita, Anak. Napakahaba na ng ating pinagsamahan. Pati […]

2020 Q4 Cityscapes Features

The Iniquities of Complacency and Mediocrity

The grade school teachers of Letran College have instilled in me the rigors of academic learning.  Whether these be the principles of diagramming in order to understand the English grammar or the speed of computing mathematical equations, Letran did not settle for mediocrity.  I had to live up to the academic expectations of this venerable […]

2020 Q4 Cityscapes Features

Church vs. Zombies: Gamevangelizing the Gaming World

When will the Church would realize video games “unfulfilled potential”? Community quarantines makes us prisoners in our own homes. So to escape boredom, we need to rethink our activities, revise our schedules to keep ourselves busy again. Keeping busy does not mean working all day long, but somehow making our work a play. For some […]