Afternoon Respite

A Post Mortem Tribute to A Master Photographer

This is a post mortem tribute to master photographer brother of ours, the late Fray Noel Paulo Zaragoza aka Leon Paulo Zaragoza. He is one of the many brothers we’ve lost during this COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t know if Fray Noel did succumb to the virus. We know many others...
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Mahilig Akong Magdamo

Isang paggunita ng nakaraan Napakahilig kong magdamo. Ito’y aking nagisnan at napagtanto noong ako ay isang nobisyo sa Iloilo.  Subalit, bago n’yo po akong husgahan nang di kanaisnais, maaari po bang basahin nyo muna ang aking paggunita sa nakaraan at sa aking munting pagninilay-nilay. Lumaki ako sa gitna ng siksikang...
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Recalling Papa Gandong’s Golden Moments

While Papa Gandong extended both hands, Jesus said, "Rejoice and be glad."  Do you know what my Papa Gandong did that night before he died? He raised both his hands as if he was reaching up and as if someone was extending his hands invisibly towards him. Then, he clapped...
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Wine’s My Respite

It was Martin Luther who said, "beer is made by men, wine by God". Well, to drink or not to drink, that is the question. Drink, I say. My toil may be really long, my body aching, I move on. For as soon as I get home, My wine is...
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My “Father” Figure

I thought he looked like Santa Claus, with his pot belly and rosy cheeks.  He always mumbled so I couldn't understand him.  Not many people liked him or agreed with him. Perhaps because whenever he was asked a question, he always had a negative response. He used to call me...
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Letter On The Sand

Dear Rene, We surely miss you this summer.  We miss the lovely concertos that you alone among us could play on the piano.  Here at BALULAN we have instead the murmur of the surf, the off-key tune of the birds, the rhapsody of coconut leaves… Your absence, Rene, spells for...
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