Maiden Issue (November 2017)

Introductory Messages:

Address from our President
An Inspirational Message
Greetings from North America

From the Editors:

This month’s Features:

Arriba Letran Echoes Perpetually for 400 Years
Reflections on the Quadricentennial Retreat of Letran 2020
The Iniquities of Complacency and Mediocrity
Church vs. Zombies: Gamevangelizing the Gaming World
President’s Message:  God’s Grace and Love
Saint Dominic and my calling to the Diaconate
Finding Grace in a State of COVID
Who Am I?
Who’s Out In A Face Mask Society?
7th Filii Biennial Reunion
Deep Into Unchartered Territories
Pandemic Lockdown: A Quarantine Experience
Footprints of the Pandemic
Locked Down for Better or Worse?
Dead Fathers Society (Reflection on Father’s Day)
Fray Teodoro “Ted” Fullona (Batch 1973)
Working From Home:  A Personal Take on the New Normal
From Social Media Activism to Social Mysticism
Exploring the Parameters of the Pandemic
Rethinking Faith Amid the Health Crisis
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Other Sections:

Artist Immortalized
Meditating On Faith
Pinakamamahal Kong Pilipinas!  Tinimbang Ka, Ngunit Kulang
A Post Mortem Tribute to A Master Photographer
Death of Delia Amboy
“There is hope.  We will be okay.”
God is not yet finished with us
We can be children at 60 and beyond
Pay Yourself First
One  Travel Quote, One Travel Story
Securing your work from home
Awit ng “POONG NAZARENO” sa mga Pilipino
Lessons Learned…and better practices
Humor and the Pandemic
You Were There
The Pentecost and Holy Trinity
A Pig and a Hen
Mahilig Akong Magdamo
We Are What We Eat, Even During a Pandemic
Leadership in Rotary
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One More Thing:

A Christmas Wish
On This Thanksgiving Day
What you say matters