Afternoon Respite

A Post Mortem Tribute to A Master Photographer

This is a post mortem tribute to master photographer brother of ours, the late Fray Noel Paulo Zaragoza aka Leon…

2 years ago

Mahilig Akong Magdamo

Isang paggunita ng nakaraan Napakahilig kong magdamo. Ito’y aking nagisnan at napagtanto noong ako ay isang nobisyo sa Iloilo.  Subalit,…

2 years ago

Recalling Papa Gandong’s Golden Moments

While Papa Gandong extended both hands, Jesus said, "Rejoice and be glad."  Do you know what my Papa Gandong did…

4 years ago

Wine’s My Respite

It was Martin Luther who said, "beer is made by men, wine by God". Well, to drink or not to…

5 years ago

My “Father” Figure

I thought he looked like Santa Claus, with his pot belly and rosy cheeks.  He always mumbled so I couldn't…

5 years ago

Letter On The Sand

Dear Rene, We surely miss you this summer.  We miss the lovely concertos that you alone among us could play…

5 years ago

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