2020 Q3 Cityscapes Features

Who Am I?

Question begets answer.  But in the midst of a pandemic, it may be an exception.  Not an exception to the rule but exception to reality.  Removed from reality, I am an aberration.  I depart from the usual, normal, typical, and on to obscurity, absurdity, and I dwell headlong as a menace to society.  I am […]

2020 Q3 Lifestyle Money Talk

Pay Yourself First

“Rational people don’t risk what they have and need for what they don’t have and don’t need.”     –Warren Buffett Pay yourself first is the next money principle we are going to discuss today. Hello and welcome back to “Money Talk,” a series of discussions on financial independence here at Epistoliorum. I think it’s fitting […]

2020 Q3 Inspiration Nook Poetic License

Awit ng “POONG NAZARENO” sa mga Pilipino

“PINAKAMAMAHAL KONG PILIPINAS! TINIMBANG KA, NGUNIT KULANG!” Anak, ano ba ang gusto mong marinig? Di ba gusto mong gamutin kita? Lahat ng paghihilom nang anumang sugat ay nagsisimula sa pagiging totoo. MAGPAKATOTOO KA! Kailan ka pa natutong magmura? Kailan ka pa natutong mang-api ng kapwa mo? Itinuro ko ba sa iyong magnakaw ka? Mahal kita, […]

2020 Q3 Foreword

Filii North America President’s Corner

It’s both a great honor and a humbling experience to represent Filii North America.  Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, we have raised $2,390 for some of our brothers in the Philippines. We’ve learned that about 12  have benefited from our generosity. The recipients were the most adversely affected by COVID-19.  Fray Mike Plana shared with us […]

2020 Q3 Lifestyle Tickle Tickle

Humor and the Pandemic

What have I been busy about during this quarantine? Besides minding my daily religious observances, I’ve been reading critically the draft of an undergraduate thesis submitted to my advisorship. The thesis delves into the role of humor in establishing a peaceful community. That the faculty-leadership approved me for this particular function is to my speculation […]