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Portraiture – Discerning Better Poses From Bad Ones

Portrait photography is not only about lighting or composition.  It is the ability of the photographer or photographer assistant to direct a model to strike a pose that looks right and compelling.  As photographer, one of your mandates is to creatively and uniquely get the most out of the model...
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Getting To Know Your Camera

Who do you think you kid? Are you really a photographer like you said your are?  Well, I can easily find out if you are just disguising as one behind that expensive DSLR you hang around your neck.  Let me see how you hold your camera.   There you go.  (See...
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Understanding Image Resolution

When my wife argued that her smartphone shots are better than my Nikon D500 DSLR, I conceded to her quietly, and peacefully.  She would further claim that the resolution of her smartphone photos are better and brighter, and that her smartphone could capture a relatively bright photo even without the...
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