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Harvey, Jane and Their Olde Carthage Farm: TWO VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE

In the course of their travels oftentimes, The Traveling Chefs meet special people. At few times however, their path comes across with very special ones. When they entered Olde Carthage Farm in Carthage, North Carolina last September, two incredibly special people touched their lives. They will cherish in their hearts...
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One Travel Quote, One Travel Story

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts."  --Mark Twain This travel quote reminds me of a personal story.  While traveling on a boat from Romblon to Boracay in the mid-'80s, I've met a French traveler named Christophe.  He...
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A “Sweet” Trip To Austria

“Making Life A Little Sweeter”…does say our company’s slogan printed on almost all of our flyers, website, marketing brochures, product catalogues and even at the back of our business cards. Since April 4, 2011, I've been working as corporate’s Supplier Quality Engineer, for Florida Crystals Corporation and later formed as...
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Revealing the Best and Worst of Philippine Travel

My excitement erases the rigors of eighteen hours of intercontinental flight from Toronto, Vancouver, and Hongkong as we descend in Terminal 3 of the Ninoy International Airport at 10:45 in the evening on January 10th.  I have been to many airports in North America and most of the Caribbean islands...
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Boracay – “The Best Island In The World”

This year, Conde Nast Traveler's readers picked Boracay in the Philippines as the "best island in the world,' outside of the U.S.  Their choice includes Cebu and Palawan as the next two best islands in the world!  The Philippines is indeed the "Pearl of the Orient." Last summer, we spent...
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Antigua, Guatemala: Rising Above Its Ruins

Never in my childhood dreams or wishes that I have thought of going places especially to other parts of the globe than simply find a good job in the Philippines. The only thing I knew when I decided to leave the Dominican Order was a solid plan to go back...
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Alone In Galveston

In 2012, I drove my tiny Tiburon from Florida to Galveston, Texas, stayed there for a week by myself and drove back to Florida. Why I did that was a long story.  It was possibly the longest time I've spent all alone here in America or elsewhere. I've spent over...
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